Predict the Sex of Your Unborn Child!

From the dawn of civilization man has marveled at the miracle of birth.

Before modern medicine the ancients had ways to determine pregnancy and predict the sex of the child. One of these ways - WHUTZIT ? - has been passed down to us and we're making it available to you.

After almost 40 years of use, we bring this simple effective time tested device to you. With close to a 90% accuracy rate we believe you'll find WHUTZIT ? both fun and amazing.

Within Chinese medicine there are what are called the "Extraordinary Meridians" which represent the most basic flows of energy within the body. WHUTZIT ? detects the subtle energies within a woman's body thereby letting her know if she's pregnant and the sex of the child.

WHUTZIT ? is not a toy but a powerful, safe, effective way to identify pregnancy and/or the sex of the unborn child.

WHUTZIT ? is an open, fun, non-invasive way to answer your most personal questions; "Am I pregnant?", "Am I having a girl or a boy?"

Only $9.95!
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Becoming pregnant is one, if not the most important, thing that can happen to a woman. Carrying and giving life is the act of creation.

WHUTZIT? assists the woman by providing a reliable, safe, secure method of determining first whether she's pregnant and secondly whether she's having a boy or a girl.

WHUTZIT? answers the most fundamental questions a women will ask herself. "Am I pregnant?" "I wonder what I'm having." WHUTZIT? can be used over and over as needed and no refills, replacements, or substitutions are necessary.

When in doubt pull WHUTZIT? out.

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